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25 ml Reservoirs

Every single one of Quake Scientific Disposable reagent trays, Sterilized Reservoir Tray and Non Sterilized Reservoir Tray are designed and manufactured in the USA under quality management systems registered as ISO 9001:2008 with design.

The key benefits of the Quake 25ml Lab Trough:

  • Easy to read graduations on short inside wall allow a quick visual check on remaining solutions
  • Pour spouts on all four corners allow easy emptying of remaining solutions by minimizing spillage
  • Unique bottom trough design allows for complete removal of even the smallest volumes
  • The 25 ml fill line is below top of Lab Reservoir to help avoid loss of solutions
  • Quality laboratory consumables
  • The rigidity of the Lab Trough is strengthened by the unique sidewall and sturdy base design
  • De-nesting lugs make separation of bulk packaged basins a breeze
  • Easy tear individual and bulk sterile bags keep product sterile and help to maintain an undamaged basin
  • Sterile Lab Reservoirs or sterilized reservoir trays are available individually wrapped or bulk packaged 
  • The sterilization process is by gamma irradiation which ensures the absence of growth-affecting residue
  • Comes in White Polystyrene (PS) 



If you are currently looking for a specific reservoir not listed on our website, please contact us for custom solutions. We can produce at our ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facility a wide range of sizes, and styles of reservoirs, as well as many other types of lab consumables. Also, if you want to customize one of our products with your own branding we can accommodate that too. Please contact us at info@quakescientific.com for more information. 
25 ml Lab Reservoir 25 ml Lab Reservoir - PS / 50/Pack / Sterile Individually Wrapped - Q200-2550S $ 63.00
25 ml Lab Reservoir 25 ml Lab Reservoir - PS / 50/Pack / Non-Sterile Bulk - Q200-2550 $ 22.00
25 ml Lab Reservoir 25 ml Lab Reservoir - PS / 100/Pack / Sterile Individually Wrapped - Q200-25100S $ 114.00
25 ml Lab Reservoir 25 ml Lab Reservoir - PS / 100/Pack / Non-Sterile Bulk - Q200-25100 $ 35.20


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